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Celebrating Dyslexia in Bristol and Beyond



The Full Story

Hello 👋  I'm Claudia!

I found out I was dyslexic when I was 26. I had just started a foundation degree in Creative Arts Therapies Studies 👩‍🎨🎨 and my tutor asked me what I was going to do about my dyslexia?....What dyslexia!?

I paid to do a test and found out that my tutor was right, I was dyslexic. 💸💰

It was a relief to finally understand why I seemed to work so hard just to pass. I had failed with languages at school, although really wanted to learn them! I dropped out of A levels, choosing to work for a year and do a more vocational course, I never really fully knew my times tables, I always wore a watch and I had great memory for cartoon theme songs from 20 years ago but couldn't remember a number you had just told me! ⌚✖️ 🤔💭 Lots of things now made sense!

I had extra support throughout my studies and made it through! 💻📝✍️

6 years after the foundation degree I did a top up year in Fine Art, which made it into a BA (something I thought I could never do!) 🎨👩‍🎨

After finishing studying I undertook a socially engaged art work Bristol to Bristol -  The work required some written documentation.....which is when I realised just how much being dyslexic was always a thing!

🐝🎨 My creative ideas come from being dyslexic but so does being frozen in fear or procrastinating to the extreme!! (My house is at its tidiest when I have a looming deadline!!) 

I started the social enterprise Brislexic to create open conversations about neurodiversity and to celebrate the strengths and skills and that can come with it.

FUNds raised through product sales will go into spreading awareness and celebrating neurodivergent thinking skills.