Noel West Santawl, Gert Big Sunflowers and a Marshall Walk - Brislexic thinking!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

It's said that dyslexics think outside of the box. Some of my ideas are outside, around the corner and down the road from the box.

Here are some of the Brislexic projects;

Joyeux Knowle - Noel West Santawl and the Reading Reindeer

A collaboration with Filwood Fantastic supported by the Books Trust

The last weekend before Christmas, Santawl and the Reading Reindeer cycled around the streets of Knowle West spreading cheer and books to local people. Hopefully this can be an annual Noel West Happening.

Grow a Gert Big Sunflower and the Gert Big Sunflower awards

a collaboration with Filwood Fantastic, Redcatch Community Garden and the Gardening Friends of Filwood

Sunflower seeds were given out to local schools, groups and residents in the area.

Locals planted lots on the Filwood Broadway at the Filwood Community Market which conveniently fell on INTERNATIONAL SUNFLOWER GUERRILLA GARDENING DAY !

Once the sunflowers had grown, people were able to nominate Gert Big Sunflowers to receive a GERT BIG SUNFLOWER AWARD to be proudly displayed in their windows.

Awards were delivered on the Sunflower Mobile!

A Marshall Walk from Marshall Walk With Marshall (From Paw Patrol), Walking to Cineworld to watch the Paw Patrol Movie

A collaboration with Filwood Fantastic, supported by the Knowle West Alliance

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