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Prepping with Poetry - A Loan in Nature

Updated: Jul 29

I am getting ready to spend two weeks in Eryri (Snowdon) for the Contemporary Remote module of the Arts and Place Masters.

I have used some of my initial thoughts to create a poem with a big ol back and forth with CHAT GPT.

This image was made using AI on Canva with words from the poem

I may have gone down a few rabbit holes at once...Mines, Industry, Nature, Land ownership, Trago Mills, Consumerism, collections, debt and Mental Health

Homophones -words with the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, for example, new and knew.

Homographs - words spelt the same but have entirely different origins and meanings. Some homographs have identical pronunciations, but others differ in pronunciations.

Poem written by rabbit holes, me and CHAT GPT


A-loan in Nature

Homophones echo, a play of sound,

"Alone" or "a loan," a pound or a pound.

Impulse buys, regrets collect,

Homographs sway, and debts reflect.

"Tear" "tear" dreams apart,

"Lead" "lead," debts off the chart

Piece by peace, we mend and attune

A "wound" that's "wound" around the moon.

Nature - Alone

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